Amoako Boafo

Amoako Boafo paints figures of the African Diaspora as "a celebration of Black life." His figures are dense flurries of brushstrokes amidst smoother patterns and monochrome backgrounds.

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Jean Nagai

Jean Nagai's paintings are interference patterns of bright hues that seem to move and vibrate. They are "uplifting and spiritual in the way that walking through the woods or smelling rain brings you back to your body," writes Jasmyn Keimig.

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Announcing 52 Critical Painters!

Hello, dear readers! Kevin here. Today I am announcing, between sips of a damn fine bloody mary, the humble beginning of a year-long blogging project devoted to contemporary painters. Every Monday morning of 2019 I will feature a new artist— specifically someone exercising careful judgement or observation in ways that are of decisive importance to painting. Someone who has developed a voice, carved out a corner, imagined a vision, or otherwise set themselves apart from the myriad painters painting today.

As a painter I am constantly amazed by where the medium is being pushed and pulled. I’ve got a handful of folks in mind for the blog but I’d love to hear from my readers. Painting in 2019 is more multiplicitous than ever. Do you have a favorite living painter? Who do you think is challenging the limits of painting? Who is using painting to as a medium to challenge injustice? Whose artistic voices should be amplified? Comment below!